Special Liability Insurance

Specialty Group General Liability Insurance

It can happen in an instant. Malfunctioning equipment, slippery floors, a ball through a window. Accidental injuries and property damage can happen at any time, regardless of your cautious attempts to prevent them. And suddenly you’ve got a big mess on your hands. If you’re involved with amateur sports teams, own or operate a small business, coordinate events or work as an independent contractor, Nationwide has a customized general liability insurance program to fit your business needs.

Why group liability insurance?

Property damage, bodily injury and personal injuries can happen during group or business activities – despite our best precautions. Even through advertising or with purchased products or services, a mishap can occur or someone could claim damage of some sort. You need protection against the financial responsibility for these claims.

What kind of coverage is included?

  • All of our specialty liability policies include protection against bodily injury and property damage claims from operations, premises, products, completed operations, advertising or personal injury.
  • Some of our programs include coverage for medical payments to participants, legal liability to participants and professional liability. There is always a zero deductible for liability claims.
  • This way, you can rest assured that even a claim against your business won’t derail your goals and dreams. You’re protected. One more way Nationwide is on your side®.

What kinds of groups are eligible?

Many kinds of sports teams, leagues and associations are eligible. Check out these programs and see which one suits your needs:

  • Amateur Sports Teams, Leagues and Associations
  • Amateur Sports Tournaments and Events
  • Concessionaires, Exhibitors and Vendors
  • Dance Schools and Programs
  • Exercise Studios
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Gymnastics Clubs and Cheer Gyms
  • Martial Arts Schools and Programs
  • Short-term Special Events
  • Sports Instructors
  • Youth Day Camps
  • Youth Sports Camps and Clinics